Kohler vs. Briggs Mower Engines

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If you're looking to buy a new lawn mower chances are that you've come across Briggs and Stratton and Kohler that are two of the leading engine manufacturers in the US.

In this article we’ll explore the differences between these two brands to help you decide which one is right for your needs.

What is the Difference Between Kohler and Briggs?

Kohler and Briggs are two of the leading engine manufacturers used in lawn mowers. While both brands offer reliable, durable engines, there are some differences between them:


Kohler engines are designed for heavy-duty use in commercial lawn mowers, while Briggs & Stratton designs its engines mainly for home-use.


Kohler engines have a longer life expectancy than Briggs & Stratton engines due to their higher quality materials used in construction and better engineering design.

Performance & Power

Kohler engines produce more power, torque and run quieter than Briggs & Stratton engines. They also have better fuel efficiency, cleaner emissions, and easier starting capabilities.


Both Kohler and Briggs & Stratton offer a warranty on their products; however, the length of coverage differs. Kohler warranties range from 2-3 years depending on the model, while Briggs & Stratton offers warranties up to 2 years.


Kohler engines are typically more expensive than Briggs & Stratton, due to their superior quality and performance. This makes them a great option for those who use their lawn mower on a daily basis or need the extra power that Kohler has to offer. Most professionals therefore choose Kohler over Briggs & Stratton.

However, if you are a homeowner who mows the lawn a couple times each week, then you may not require the extra performance that Kohler provides and can easily opt for a lawn mower with a Briggs & Stratton engine to save some money.

Factor Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower Engines Kohler Lawn Mower Engines
Engine Power Lower power output Higher power output
Fuel Efficiency Less fuel-efficient More fuel-efficient
Durability High High
Noise Level High Medium
Starting System Uses the ReadyStart system, which eliminates the need to choke or prime the engine Uses a Smart-Choke system, which automatically adjusts the choke for easier starting
Maintenance May require more frequent maintenance May require less frequent maintenance
Price Generally more affordable Generally more expensive

Who Manufactures Kohler Engines?

Kohler lawn mower engines are manufactured by Kohler Engines, a division of global manufacturing company Kohler Co. Based in Wisconsin, USA, the company has a lot of experience in designing and producing world-class lawn mower engines for commercial and residential customers around the world.

Who Manufactures Briggs and Stratton Engines?

Briggs and Stratton engines are manufactured by Briggs & Stratton based in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. They are widely recognized as a trusted name when it comes to lawn mower engines.

Briggs & Stratton has been around since 1909, so when you buy a lawn mower with a Briggs & Stratton engine, you can be sure that there will be spare parts available for it. Something that is not always the case with some of the newer brands that are manufactured in China.

What Brands Use Kohler?

Kohler engines are used in a variety of lawn mower brands, including Toro, Ariens, Craftsman and Husqvarna. If you’re looking for an engine that offers reliable performance and long-term durability, then Kohler is an excellent choice.

What Brands Use Briggs & Stratton?

Briggs & Stratton engines are mostly used in lower-end lawn mowers, but they can also be found in some mid-range models from brands such as Husqvarna, Ferris and Craftsman. Briggs & Stratton engines provide a good balance of performance and value for money, which makes them a great choice for homeowners.

Is Briggs & Stratton More Popular Than Kohler?

Briggs & Stratton is more popular than Kohler, because they offer a wide range of engines designed for home-use and they are generally more affordable.

However, when it comes to commercial lawn mowers, Kohler is the preferred engine due to its performance and durability.


Choosing the right engine for your lawn mower can have a major impact on its performance and lifespan. While both Kohler and Briggs & Stratton offer great engines, they are designed to serve different purposes. If you’re looking for a reliable engine that will provide long-term durability, then Kohler is an excellent choice.

But if you’re looking for an engine that is more affordable and suitable for basic lawn mowing tasks, then Briggs & Stratton is a great option.