Kohler vs. Briggs Mower Engines

Kohler and Briggs are two engine types that are used in a variety of lawnmower brands, but whether you’re trying to just mow your backyard or starting a lawncare business, knowing which engine is right for you is important. Here’s a breakdown on which mower is better.

The Kohler mower is built for all kinds of uses and is much better in almost every regard than the Briggs engine. Kohler offers a greater variety of engines that have superior horsepower, longevity, and performance than Briggs engines.

The comparison between the two engines is simple. Kohler is your go-to if you’re wanting the best engine for your mower; however, there are some other factors to consider before you make your purchase.

The rest of this article will discuss the pros and cons of Kohler and Briggs engines to see which one is better for you.

What Brands Use These Engines?

A lot of different mower companies rely on Kohler or Briggs and Stratton for their mowers. Companies like Toro, Poulan, Craftsman, and John Deere use the Kohler engine, while Ferris, Snapper, and Simplicity rely on the Briggs and Stratton engine.


When it comes to how you can use these two engines, Kohler is the clear standout on versatility for quite a simple reason.

Briggs engines are designed for standard cutting and mowing for homeowners, while Kohler engines are trusted by both homeowners and lawn care business owners.

The key difference in the application of these two engines is that Kohler offers much more variety to cater to your individual needs.

Starting with the basic XT all the way up to the Command Pro and Aegis, with plenty of medium-duty options to choose from as well.

If you’re starting your lawn care business or are looking for a lawnmower that can handle a large lawn with ease, Kohler is your best bet.

The three categories of Kohler engines are XT, Courage, and a listing of high-end mowers in the 7000 series.

XT engines are great for homeowners due to their quick start time and low run temperature. These are comparable to the Briggs engines in that they are suitable for basic home care and are low-maintenance.

The Courage and 7000 series, on the other hand, is built for riding mowers and comes with single and twin cylinder engines.

The 7000 series includes v-twin engines. A larger displacement allows for better handling, but their power consumption is also much greater.

By comparison, the mainstay of the Briggs and Stratton company is their 725 EXi, a small engine that can handle most lawns easily enough.

These engines are also outfitted with a Personal Pace system, which allows you to adjust your mowing speed based on the pressure you apply to the handle.

Ride-on Mower Comfort

When it comes to the amenities in their ride-on mowers, Kohler and Briggs offer different benefits depending on how you prefer your ride.

If comfort is your main concern, then you’ll be drawn to the Briggs and Stratton four-cycle engine which provides a quieter ride.

The two-cycle engine of a Kohler ride-on is more powerful and offers superior handling thanks to its deluxe steering wheel.

Both Kohler and Briggs engines come equipped with standard gauges that are straightforward to interpret, as well as standard features like cruise control.


Kohler engines are generally considered to be a more professional brand of marketing, which isn’t to suggest that a Briggs and Stratton mower is bad; rather, a Briggs mower is more catered for use on a standard lawn.

A Kohler engine is usually a much better pick for larger lawns or lawns that have an incline.

If you’re starting a business, a mower with a Kohler engine is a must to get the performance, longevity, and durability you need.

With specialized FPI technology superior power, and no carburetor, you can always expect the best from Kohler.

Better yet, their wide selection of mower models also comes with a variety of fuel options like gas, diesel, propane, tri fuel, and natural gas.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a Kohler engine, these are some of the best options out there:

  • Courage XT 650
  • 7000 Series KT740
  • Command Pro EFI ECH650

All of these options offer the best value and offer a variety of innovated features that will make your regular lawn mowing a breeze.

On the other hand, here are some of the top Briggs engines to consider:

  • 550EX
  • 725EXi
  • 850 Series

These engines are all quiet, easy to start, and operate at relatively low temperatures.

When it comes to fundamental mower engines, Briggs has a number of advantages over other competitors with straightforward, reliable operation.


Briggs generally has an advantage over Kohler when it comes to the price of their engines. Depending on the quality of engine you need, a lower cost engine could end up saving you money in the long run.

It’s always worth considering what you’re going to be using the engine for. Any larger projects or lawns with terrain are best tackled with a Kohler engine.

If you just need a mower to cut your lawn every once in a while, then a Briggs and Stratton engine is reliable enough to get the job done.

Final Thoughts

Kohler and Briggs engines are built to a much different standard, and it’s clear that Kohler engines are better in almost every metric imaginable, although the difference between these engines isn’t necessarily one of quality.

Both engines are suitable for reliable lawnmowing; however, a Kohler engine is built to a much higher standard and is put through much more rigorous testing to be applicable for a number of different scenarios.

If price is your main consideration, then a Briggs engine is for you, but if you’re after an engine with the best quality, a Courage series or 7000 series Kohler engine will ensure that you get the best performance, durability, and power from your brand new lawn mower.