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Horsetail Weeds

Horsetail is a type of weeds that can take over your lawn i no time and because it’s so deep-rooted it can be a real pain to get rid of.

Luckily there’s some ways you can get rid of it. In this article we’ll give you our best tips  on how to get rid of horsetail weeds in your lawn and prevent them from growing back.

A systemic herbicide is an effective way to kill horsetail weeds. It goes deep into the root networks until the roots are exhausted. Herbicide degrade the soil and makes it unpleasant for horsetail weeds to thrive. 

Identifying Horsetail Weeds in Your Lawn

Horsetail weeds are easy to spot by their tall stems which grow up to 3 feet in height. The stems have a segmented appearance and bear whorls of short branches with pointed tips.

The leaves are small, scale-like leaves which have a saw-toothed edge and green color.

It is important to act quickly if you spot horsetail weeds in your lawn. Like many other weeds they can spread fast and overtake large areas if not managed correctly. But with effective treatment, you can keep the weeds from taking over your lawn.

How to Control Horsetail Weeds

Getting rid of horsetails can be a challenge due to their resistance to herbicides and other chemical treatments. Their deep root system makes it difficult to completely eradicate them as they may grow back if not all the roots are removed.

1. Use a Weed Killer

The most effective approach to getting rid of horsetail weeds in your lawn is by applying a selective herbicide containing triclopyr like SBK Brushwood Killer. This method has the advantage of not damaging the surrounding grass.

You can also use a systemic weed killer with glyphosate and 2,4-D, which is absorbed by the leaves and then works its way down to the roots, killing them in the process. This is a very effective way to get rid of horsetail weeds due to their deep roots and rhizomes.

2. Dig Up The Weeds

One way to get rid of horsetail weeds is by digging them up. While this may be time consuming, it’s an effective strategy for removing the weeds from your lawn.

It’s important to remove as much of the root and rhizomes as you can. Because this will weakening the regrowth potential of the plant.

That being said, it is very difficult to remove all of the rhizomes since they grow deep in the ground. so chances are that the horsetail weeds will grow back next year.

3. Pull Them Up By Hand

If you only have a few horsetail weeds in your lawn, the most effective way to get rid of them is to manually remove them. Use a trowel and pull out the plants individually. Make sure to remove as much of the root and rhizomes and you can. As this will help prevent them from spreading or growing back.

4. Mow Them Down

Another way to control horsetail weeds is to mow them down. This will reduce the amount of foliage on the plant, making it easier to control or eradicate with herbicides. Be sure to adjust the mower blades to the highest setting, as this will prevent scalping the lawn or garden bed while still removing the weeds.

How To Prevent Horsetail Weeds From Growing In Your Lawn

The best way to prevent horsetail weeds from growing in your lawn is to ensure that your soil has optimal drainage, pH, and fertility.

Poor drainage can cause excess moisture buildup in the soil which can lead to horsetail growth. Improving drainage, such as digging deep trenches around plant roots and adding compost or aeration material, is key to allowing the soil to dry out and prevent horsetail growth.

Raising the pH of your soil is also important, as horsetail weeds thrive in acidic soils. You can do this by adding lime or other alkalizing products that are available at gardening stores.

You can also increase the fertility of the soil to create an environment where the grass in your lawn can compete with horsetail weeds for resources. The best way to do this is by adding organic matter such as compost.


Horsetail weeds can be difficult to remove, due to their deep root system and resistance to herbicides. But with effective treatment and maintenance of the soil in your lawn you can keep them at bay. Be sure to use a combination of manual removal, weed killers and soil management techniques for the best results.