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Do you have rocks in your lawn? If so, you're not alone. A lot of people struggle with this problem. Rocks can be a pain to get rid of - but not only do they make your lawn less aesthetically pleasing, they also can prevent plants from growing and they even can damage your lawnmower when they go noticed.

Taking the time to get rid of rocks in your lawn is always worth it.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to get rid of rocks in your lawn and also provide some tips to keep rocks from taking over your yard in the first place. Keep reading to learn more.

The Best Ways to Remove Rocks From Your Lawn

There are a few different ways that you can get rid of rocks in your lawn. The method you choose depends on how many rocks you have, how big they are, and how much effort you are willing to put into the process. Here are a few ways to consider:

1. Hand-Picking

Hand-picking is the most labor-intensive option for removing rocks, but it’s also the most effective. If you have a small lawn with just a few rocks, hand-picking is definitely the way to go. Simply grab each rock and toss it into a bucket or wheelbarrow. You can then move them to another location or dispose of them altogether.

2. Power Washing

If you have a lot of rocks, power washing may be your best option for removing them from your lawn. You can usually rent a power washer from your local home improvement store. Just be sure to use the lowest setting possible so that you don’t damage your lawn in the process of removing those rocks.

3. Cover Them With Dirt or Mulch

If you have a few rocks here and there, you may be able to simply cover them up with dirt or mulch, depending on their location in your lawn. This won’t get rid of the rocks completely, of course, but it will make them less visible.

Rock Removal Tools

Finally, there are a number of rock removal tools that you can use to remove rocks from your yard. Some of these tools include:

  • Rototiller – used to break up dirt and expose large rocks.
  • Garden Rake – allows you to sift through dirt or grass while catching and removing rocks, stones, and gravel.
  • Pointed Shovel – can be used to scoop small rocks and gravel that you collected with your garden rake.
  • Soil Sifter – place over your wheelbarrow to catch rocks and separate them from the soil.

How to get rid of Large Rocks and Boulders?

If you have large rocks or boulders in your yard that you’d like to get rid of, your best option is to hire a professional. You can, however, attempt to remove or move the rocks on your own by using a shovel to dig around the rock until it is uncovered.

The more you loosen the soil around the boulder, the easier it will be to remove. Depending on the size of the large rock or boulder, you may need two or three people to help you move it, and one person to hold a wheelbarrow steady. If the rock is too big for you to handle, it’s not worth the potential injury, and calling a professional is your best option.

How to Prevent Rocks From Taking Over Your Lawn

Once you’ve put the work into getting rid of the rocks in your lawn, it’s important to prevent them from coming back and taking over again. Here are a few tips for keeping your lawn rock-free.

1. Rake Regularly

Raking your lawn on a regular basis will help remove any rocks that may have been brought or tracked by animals or blown in by the wind.

2. Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn regularly will help break up the soil and allow water and other nutrients to reach the roots of your plants. This will make your lawn healthier and less likely to attract rocks.

3. Use a Ground Cover

Ground covers like mulch or straw can also help prevent rocks from taking over your lawn. They also add an extra layer of protection against weeds.

Tips on How to Repurpose Rocks in Your Lawn

There are a lot of great ways to repurpose the rocks that you’ve finished clearing out of your lawn. You can use them in your garden, create various structures in your outdoor space, and more. Consider some of these ideas.

1. Garden Edging

Use your small rocks to create a border around your garden beds. This can add some extra character and help keep your plants contained.

2. Create a Pathway

If you really want to add some aesthetic appeal to your landscape, you can create a pathway using different sizes of rocks that you just finished clearing out of your lawn. Create your pathway through your garden or from your backyard patio to your garden – whichever you prefer!

3. Flower Bed Border

If you have various flower beds in your garden, you can also use your small rocks to create flower bed borders to separate all the different types and give your garden a polished look.

4. Build a Fireplace

If you have a pile of large rocks to repurpose, you can mix a little bit of cement and use them to build a nice backyard firepit to enjoy on those warm summer nights or crisp fall evenings.


With just a little bit of time and effort, you can clean all of the rocks out of your yard and have a beautiful-looking lawn again. Don’t forget! Keep your lawn properly maintained by raking regularly or using a ground cover so that those pesky rocks don’t make their way back. Don’t let rocks ruin your lawn anymore, use these simple tips and tricks to keep rocks out of your lawn for good and enjoy a beautiful lawn all year long.