Eric West

Eric West is the founder of and has been blogging since 2009. His mission is to make lawn care and landscaping easy for everyone.

Does Walking On Grass Kill It?

Walking on grass can temporarily damage the blades of grass, but unless it is done in a continuous, heavy manner over time, it won’t kill the grass. When you walk on lawns and other turf-covered areas, your weight sinks down into the soil beneath the grass. This compresses and flattens the soil particles together, which can damage the roots of the grass.

How to Get Rid of Weeds in Your Lawn

There’s nothing worse than seeing weeds sprouting up in your lawn. You put in so much effort to maintain a neat and orderly yard, only to find that pesky weeds are constantly popping back up. So how do you get rid of the weeds for good? Keep on reading to find out.